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    RMS Roofing, LLC is a leading commercial roofing contractor in Cincinnati. With over 40 years of roof repair and restoration experience, we know how to handle all your roofing needs. We’re committed to quality services completed with time-proven techniques to ensure your building is protected from leaks and damage. We’ll work around your needs so your business is minimally impacted by the work.

    Our professional roofing contractors will guide you through each step of the process, assist with insurance claims, and get it all done quickly with as little disruption as possible to your business. Regardless if your roof is leaking, has minor dings, is old, or was severely damaged by the elements, you can trust us to get it taken care of. Don’t settle for mediocre service from the average roofing contractor. Contact RMS Roofing, LLC today to get your free estimate.

    We’re Here To Take Care Of Your Roof

    Full Service

    When it comes to commercial roofing, we do it all. Whether you need a full roof replacement, or a minor repair patched, we’re here to do it.

    Quality Craftsmanship

    We have the experience and expertise to know what works and what doesn’t. You can trust us to perform lasting repairs and replacements for your business.

    Trusted Cincinnati Commercial Roofing Contractor Services

    Metal Roof Repair & Replacement

    Commercial building metal roofs are notorious for having blow-offs, rust, excessive leaks and water puddling.

    We can help you take care of these issues and prevent future problems with our professional metal roof repair and replacement.

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    Flat Roof Repair & Replacement

    Commercial building flat roofing repair and replacement is a bit different from other roofing systems.

    The key to increasing the life of your flat roof is through regular inspections and maintenance. Neglect can quickly lead to water accumulation and leaks.

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    Rubber Roof Repair

    Commercial buildings equipped with rubber roofs have the benefit of higher durability and better longevity.

    Our rubber roofing specialists can come out and take a look, then perform any necessary repairs to even further extend the life of your roof. 

    Spray Foam Coating

    Spray foam coatings can help build up certain areas of a roof that is prone to water pooling.

    Proper drainage extends the life of your roof by ridding it of water quickly. This eliminates water putting additional weight on the roof and prevents rot and leaks.

    Liquid Spray Coating

    Liquid spray coatings can save money and energy costs while also reviving the waterproofing of your roof.

    Provided your current commercial flat roof is in good working condition, utilizing a silicone restoration spray can extend the life of your roof significantly.

    Single Ply Roofing Systems

    Single ply roofing systems are designed to be installed in one single layer.

    The benefits of these roofing systems include their great flexibility and a resistance to UV radiation, giving them a leg up over other types of roofing.

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