Commercial Roofing Maintenance: How to Set Up for Success

Commercial Roofing Maintenance How to Set Up for Success

We can all agree that having a dependable roof over our home is non-negotiable.  Why should the roof over our businesses be any different?  As a business owner, you have enough on your plate running said business without having to worry about the safety and structure of the building you run it in.  Preventative care is the key component to ensuring your roof lasts!  Here are some simple tips to help out. 

Watch for Excess Water 

Cultivate a solid routine of checking your roof for excess water.  This means clearing the gutters to ensure proper drainage channels, as well cutting back the parts of surrounding trees that drop leaves and water onto the roof.  If excess water accumulates and gets the opportunity to hang out it can cause pretty serious damage.  It can cause the roof to sag and become more prone to repeat pools of standing water, water leakage, or even, eventually, a full collapse.  The more often you can do roof maintenance to check for stagnant water, the better. 

Avoid Moss Growth

Keep an eye out for any moss making moves on your rooftop.  And don’t think this is just a summer problem; mosses are bryophytes that can actually thrive even in a cold Cincinnati winter!  Damp moss can cause your roof to degrade and the roots can push up your shingles, leaving you more vulnerable to leaks.  To prevent moss, keep your roof and gutters clear of debris, trim tree branches down that shade your roof, and invest in some zinc strips.  If you do see moss beginning to flourish, you can use a hose and scrape it, bleach it, or use a zinc sulfate powder on it.  However, use precaution.  Bleach is great against moss but it is also extremely corrosive and will discolor your roof and harm other vegetation.  You must be careful to wear protective gear and dilute the bleach.  A plus side of using a zinc sulfate powder is that it won’t damage your roof, but it can cause pollution in streams and is dangerous for aquatic wildlife, so consider your surroundings carefully before use.  Most importantly, if you spy moss growing on the roof, take care of the issue in a timely fashion.  It will only get harder to address the longer it’s allowed to grow.  

Inspect that Insulation 

The insulation under your roof is responsible for temperature regulation, which is important in a place like Cincinnati with its cold winters and hot, humid summers.  Proper insulation can save you money on energy expenses!  Your insulation R-value represents how effectively it restricts heat flow; the higher the R-value, the better the material quality.  However, what R-value suits your roof best greatly depends on the specifics of the particular building and the environment.  There are many different kinds of materials to choose from, and we recommend consulting the professionals to be sure you have the right kind for your building.  Roof insulation also assists in defending the integrity of the roof.  If correctly installed, there should be no space between the roof and the building to avoid condensation underneath your roof.  There are many factors to consider when evaluating what kind of insulation is best for your roof.  And no matter what kind you have, it is essential to keep it dry for best results.  

Call us at RMS Top Choice Roofing today for any questions you may have.  It is advisable to do inspections at least once every year.  We can evaluate the condition of your roof, address any concerns, and assist with any repairs you may need.  Let us take care of your commercial roofing needs so you can take care of your business!

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