Roofing Insights To Follow When Reopening Your Business In Light Of Covid-19

Air conditioner unit on building roof top

Although Coronavirus has been sweeping across the country for months now, it does feel like there has been a light and the end of the tunnel in terms of most businesses being able to reopen their doors at least in some fashion. While a good amount of businesses have been able to reestablish their connection with their community, there is no doubt some housekeeping items have probably been neglected out of necessity. One of those housekeeping items we will touch on today is in regards to your routine roof inspections.

Tips For Enhancing Your Roof’s Water Resistance

There are a few ways you as a business owner can keep tabs on your roof if you’ve been unable to financially commit to a roof inspection for a few months due to COVID-19; or even if you are returning to your building for the first time in a while, these steps can also be followed as a can-do way to prep for an inspection by a professional:

  • Patrol Your Commercial Property Starting On The Inside: There are a few obvious signs of roof leakage that any non-roofing professional can identify. Look for any dark stains, sagging tiles, or even something as elementary as dripping water. All of these clues more than likely point to something far more serious with your roof.
  • Time To Check The Top: It may seem contradictory to check the inside of your business for roof leaks before you check the actual roof, but having an idea of  moisture intrusion BEFORE you head on the roof can really be a heads up move safety-wise. Once you are outside and on your roof, carefully scour for any rusted areas, collection of debris or other materials, and any broken or brittle sections of your roof.
  • Remove Any Foreign Objects: Now that you have inspected both the inside and outside of your business for signs H2O harm, the next step is to clear your roof of any objects or debris. This is more or less prep work for you that will greatly decrease the cost of when a professional roofing specialist comes to your business to complete their rounds. However, please remember that if any situation feels unsafe, it probably is. Do not attempt to clear the roof of your business if there is any noticeable damage or wear-and-tear beyond low-level.
  • Now It’s The Time For The Big Guns: Seeing that you as a business owner have now done your duty in terms of inspecting your roof for various forms of damage after a long layoff due to Coronavirus, it’s time to call out your trusted roofing maintenance company to finish the job in top fashion. Having a pro come to take a look at the roof of your business will always bring peace of mind and the understanding that everything will be alright.

RMS Top Choice Roofing of Cincinnati has always been, and will always be, committed to their customers and community, no matter what the situation. Give us a call today if you are in need of a Covid related layoff inspection, or any other roofing issue you may have.

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