3 Freaky Details Regarding Faulty Commercial Roofs

3 Freaky Details Regarding Faulty Commercial Roofs

Even though the thought of your commercial roof falling apart and breaking is never something you want to think about, the fact of the matter is that the more on top of your business’s roof situation you are, the better it will be for your bottom line; not to mention the prominent reality of the safety of your employees and customers.

As Cincinnati prepares for another wet and moist winter, RMS Top Choice Roofing finds it pertinent at this time of the year to let our community business members in on some insights as to how to avoid catastrophic winter-time leaks within your commercial roof.

Due to the considerable size of most commercial roofs, keeping track of any small leaks is an outstanding way to minimize the impact that large-scale leak / water-damage situations can cause to your business. These massive water events can disrupt your business for potentially months at a time if left unchecked.

The following information lists some ways in which perspiration and liquid can seep into your business’s roofing system and cause calamity.

  • Any type of wood within your roofing system is highly susceptible to water damage
  • Once water has settled within your building, mold can explode in growth and cause a litany of problems. Most notably, health code violations which can shut down your business
  • If insulation and other infrastructure-type parts are compromised from leaky-roof water-damage, your entire building could be in trouble

We now give you the 3 most freaky types of roof damage caused by water, explained in detail:

  • Water seeping into the “skeleton” of your roofing system

If water is able to make its way under your roof and into the beams which hold the main parts of the roof up, you could be in major trouble. One of the best ways to avoid this type of situation is to call a roofing professional the moment you notice any form of a leak.

  • If any type of mold is able to form

One of the more dangerous situations which can arise from an unchecked leaky roof is that of widespread mold. While there are various types of mold spores, the fact of the matter is, you don’t want to mess with this at all. It can endanger the health of your employees and customers, as well as possibly getting you shut down by your local county health department.

  • You infrastructure being compromised

If, for some reason, water is able to snake its way into your walls and insulation, you must call a roofing professional as fast as you can. Continuous water sweeping into your walls can jeopardize your entire building’s foundation.

While all of the scenarios above are freaky and intense, they are also easily avoidable if you follow the right steps and procedures. Regularly check your roof, and always call a roofing professional the moment you notice any type of leak, no matter how small it is. RMS Top Choice Roofing is just a quick phone call away when you are in need of water danger help.

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