Common Roofing Systems Advantages and Disadvantages

There are many different kinds of commercial roofing systems available. As with anything, every type of material carries its own kind of advantages and disadvantages. In the end, the choice will be yours to make, but it’s good to be as educated as possible before deciding on what the best fit for your building is.

The list below should help you determine what commercial roofing system is most ideal for your business in particular!

Commercial Metal System:


Metal systems are notorious for their durability and weather-resistance. Their long-lifespan is also quite great. There’s minimal pooling because snow and rainwater can easily drain from the roof. 

In addition to that, metal roofs are energy-efficient with fire-resistance, as well as being available in many different styles, colors and finishes to fit any aesthetic.


These roofs tend to be more expensive than other kinds of commercial roofing systems. The cost does balance out in the long run, but it’s certainly something you might steer clear of if upfront cost is a concern for you. 

Commercial PVC Membrane System:


PVC membrane roofs are fire-retardant, with the ability to self-extinguish if there’s a fire. This prevents flames from spreading on the roof. 

In addition to that, PVC membrane roofs are resistant to chemicals, wind, moisture, and punctures. Their durability and energy-efficiency also make them a really terrific choice. 


These roofing systems are also initially quite expensive, especially if you need the original roof to be stripped prior to installation. Asphalt roofs are completely incompatible with PVC, so it’s necessary for them to be removed completely before installation can occur. However, after it’s been installed, you will have a roof that lasts forever.  

Commercial TPO Membrane System:


TPO membrane is very common these days due to its overall affordability. It’s also recyclable, lightweight, durable, and flexible, making it an ideal choice. 

Additionally, it’s also available in lighter colors meant to reflect heat off the roof. 


This is a newer roofing system material, so there hasn’t been a ton of testing on it’s longevity yet. While there are a great deal of perks, not knowing its lifespan may be a deterrent for you . 

The Price of Commercial Roof Repair

Future costs will probably factor into the decision you make. You want durability and low-maintenance, but you also may not like how expensive it is upfront. However, keep in mind that the initial costs end up saving you a lot over the years due to fewer repairs and replacements. 

It can be hard to predict future repair needs without knowing exact details, so it’s important to discuss all of that with a Cincinnati commercial roofing company like RMS Top Choice to help determine what you may be looking at.


This isn’t the easiest choice to make. It’s an expensive project and has lasting effects on your building. Contact RMS Top Choice today with any questions and for an assist with estimates and any repairs you may have! 

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