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    The Best Commercial Flat Roof Repair and Replacement in Cincinnati

    Traditionally, commercial flat roof systems in Cincinnati are made to last. However, every roof will have some issues over the years. It’s just a fact. The chances of these issues increases if the roof was not initially properly installed or has been poorly maintained. When these problems arise, you can choose to repair or replace your commercial roof. RMS Roofing, LLC is an expert in these fields, and can help you determine what the best path is for your building.

    Reasons for Repair and Replacement


    The age of a roof is a terrific indicator of what your best option is. When roofs are aging out, you reach a point where repairs no longer do a whole lot of good and the roof needs to be replaced. Depending on the material used, a commercial roof can last from anywhere between 15-50 years, so if the roof is still fairly young, a repair or coat is probably perfectly fine.


    For obvious reasons, leaks need to be fixed immediately, before they can do too much damage. If you suspect you could have a leak, keep an eye out for signs of dampness next time it rains. If you spot an isolated leak then minor repairs just may do the trick, but multiple leaks could require a full roof replacement.

    Energy Bills

    Commercial flat roofs in Cincinnati are not only meant to keep natural elements out. They’re an important component in the insulation of the building, keeping cool/warm air inside. If your heating/cooling bills have skyrocketed or are much higher than neighbors in similar buildings, it may be your roof letting the air out. The cause of this can vary, but it’s possible simple repairs could take care of it.

    Visible Damage

    If you suspect your roof may be damaged, go take a look. Are there bubbles, blisters or cracks? Is there standing water? Is the flashing damaged? All of these are signs that the roof needs to be replaced. RMS Roofing, LLC can come out and take a look at your situation if you’re unsure of what you’re seeing.

    Cincinnati Commercial Flat Roof Repair

    For minor issues, commercial roof repair is a great choice. Some damage is easily repaired with little fuss. Maybe the membrane is in overall good shape and just needs a little TLC, or perhaps the insulation is still great and you’re trying to keep costs down; these are times repairs make sense. Roof repair also extends the life of the roof, saving you money over time.

    Cincinnati Commercial Flat Roof Replacement

    If your roof has extensive damage or has previously seen significant repairs or re-covers, then a new commercial roof is needed. It’s common to replace a roof if 25% or more of the roof has been damaged or the insulation inside is damaged or wet. A commercial roof replacement is a long term solution to your damage, and allows for lowered costs and better technology in the building.

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