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    Metal Roofing for Commercial Buildings in Cincinnati

    Metal roofing is commonly used in commercial roofing due to its durability, low lifecycle costs and design adaptability. These days we’re seeing more industrial, commercial and small building owners choose metal roofing for some or all of their roofing systems. They are commonly seen on a variety of buildings, such as schools, banks, restaurants, distribution centers, warehouses and more. RMS Roofing, LLC has the skills and expertise to bring your building to life with metal roof repair and replacement.

    What is Metal Roofing?

    These days, most metal roofs are made with a steel sheet with a coat of zinc on top, otherwise known as “corrugated galvanized steel”. Other commonly used materials include aluminum, tin, copper and stainless steel. Additionally, applied coatings are available to prevent rusting, provide waterproofing, and increase UV protection.

    What is Metal Roofing?

    Metal roofing and panels are ideal if you’re looking for a low-maintenance system that combines commercial grade performance with enhanced aesthetic appeal. enhancing the aesthetics of the building. Additionally, metal roofing tends to be easier to install, and provides creative opportunity with its design flexibility. This saves time and gives the ability to customize the structure to your liking.

    The Benefits of Metal Roofing

    Aesthetic Appeal

    Metal roofs on commercial buildings in Cincinnati are available in a variety of colors and designs, and look terrific overall.


    Metal roofs tend to last longer than other types of roofing materials. They resist discoloration, mildew and decay, which makes for an easy roofing solution.


    Metal roofing performs exceptionally well in harsh weather conditions, such as snow, ice, wind and rain, and is also hail resistant.

    Environmentally Friendly

    Pre-existing roofs can easily be re-roofed without a ton of waste occurring. This means that there’s less trash headed to the landfills.

    Energy Saving

    Metal roofing systems can be insulated easily with fiberglass and foam blocks. This results in lowered energy usage, which means lowered costs.

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    Does My Metal Roof Need to be Replaced Right Now?

    Oftentimes, metal roofing issues in Cincinnati can be easily repaired by a professional. This includes simple patches and holes and minor damage to smaller areas. However, you roof may need more than that, and should be replaced if you’re noticing any of the following issues:
    • 1


      If the metal roof has deteriorated to the point that roof coating and simple repairs cannot remedy it, then you need a replacement metal roof.

    • 2

      Structural Concerns

      If your metal roofing system is not structurally sound, everyone inside the building is at risk and the roof must be replaced.

    • 3


      If you’ve noticed rusting around roof components or on the metal roof panels themselves, it must be replaced.

    Energy Efficient Roofs in Cincinnati

    If metal roofing seems like it could be a good fit for you, or if you simply need your metal roof repaired, RMS Roofing, LLC, is here to get it done. With years of experience, we can take your metal roof to the next level with repairs and replacements.

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