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    Cincinnati Commercial Roof Restoration Services

    If your commercial roof is showing the signs of aging and years of wear and tear, a restoration could be a great, cost-effective way to increase its longevity.

    It’s common that we see roofs being run to the ground then being replaced. It almost seems like it makes sense because many people think the only step following many repairs is replacement. However, this is a very expensive method of doing things and you might want to consider restoration before giving in to a total replacement if the roof is not completely done for.

    Timely Intervention is Key

    Performing a roof restoration at the right time can dramatically change things for you. It can be as much as 50% cheaper than a new roof, is less disruptive to your business, and saves unnecessary waste from going to the dump. If your commercial roof is having some issues and seems beyond repair, let RMS Roofing, LLC come out and take a look. You could be a perfect candidate for a commercial roof restoration.

    As mentioned above, timing is everything. If the roof is truly in terrible condition, restoration is not a legitimate option. It’s simply not possible. There is a crucial timeframe within the roof’s life where it is viable enough to be properly restored. If you wait too long, that opportunity will pass you by and replacement will be the only choice you have left.

    Is My Commercial Building a Good Candidate for Roof Restoration?

    While only a thorough inspection by a Cincinnati commercial roof restoration expert can confirm this, these are some of the things that could be good indicators:

    • An increase in energy bills
    • Mold growing on your commercial building’s roof
    • Mild water pooling–if it’s too severe, restoration won’t be an option
    • Minimal leaks–if it’s multiple leaks, you may need to spring for a complete replacement

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    The Benefits of Cincinnati Commercial Roof Restoration

    Why is restoration an ideal solution for commercial roofs? It’s not just the money you’ll save on the process, the cool roof coating also keeps your building up to 15% cooler. Just this fact alone can provide thousands in savings on energy costs. Additionally, a roof restoration can increase the life of your roof by roughly ten years.

    While the restoration process is certainly tedious, it’s pretty straightforward and easily completed by a professional with years of experience. At RMS Roofing, LLC, we begin by inspecting the roof for deterioration thoroughly, then patch, inspect again, followed by cleanup. Your restored roof will then be almost as good as new and your wallet will be a bit heavier.

    Environmental Benefits to Cincinnati

    If you’re an environmentally conscious business, restoration is something you’ll appreciate even more. Roofing waste takes a huge toll on landfills, is a concern for environmentalists, and can be quite detrimental to the health of the earth. Opting for a restoration saves you from contributing to this issue more than you need to.

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