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    Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing In Cincinnati

    “Reliable” is the first word that comes to mind when discussing spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing systems. With a lifespan exceeding 30 years, SPF roofing provides excellent quality that lasts. The unique application process for an SPF roofing system provides long-term protection from snow, ice, hail, high winds and rain.

    A Seamless Fix

    The sturdy foam that comprises the SPF roofing system has the ability to conform and adhere to whatever shape or substrate you’re applying it to, creating a totally seamless barrier between the roof and outside forces. The benefits of this barrier include:

    • Reduced incidences of pooling water caused by a unique roof design and provides the opportunity to manipulate application thickness in order to develop a positive slope for better drainage.
    • A reduction in leaks caused by poor coverage around penetrations, HVAC curves, vents, seams, and skylights.
    • An eliminated need for any counter flashing.

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    Energy Efficient Roofs in Cincinnati

    SPF gives low slope and flat roofs an additional insulating barrier. SPF commercial building roofs provide a substantial reduction in cool air leaks and heat outflow, which saves energy that’s typically used to cool or heat a building and decreases greenhouse gas emissions. The strong insulating properties of SPF systems render it one of the top performers in roofing materials.

    To add to that, “cool roofs” created using SPF reduces overall building temperatures. Cool roofs assist in minimizing the impact of climate change by reducing energy use and emissions generated.

    The Benefits of Cincinnati SPF Roofing Systems

    Roofs forged using SPF provide long-term protection, while simultaneously reducing negative impacts on the environment. This is done through the reduction of resources used and minimizing the volume of trash headed to the landfill. Additionally, SPF roofs are known for their increase in overall energy efficiency in buildings, which not only minimizes environmental impact, but also saves you money.
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      Wind Uplift Resistance

      SPF roofing systems in Cincinnati provide remarkable wind resistance due to their unique application process that reduces the amount of fastener, strips, ballast and fasteners.

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      Saving Over the Years

      The energy efficiency and maintenance savings that come with SPF roofing systems significantly offsets your initial investment. Additionally, there could be tax credits and other incentives available for you, making the investment even more appealing.

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      Professional SPF Installation

      At RMS Roofing, LLC, our team of licensed professionals will assist you in choosing the proper SPF roofing system for your business. We ensure that you are fully aware of all safety precautions that need to be taken during installation and will walk you through every step of the process.

    Repairs and Re-roofing for SPF Systems

    When choosing a new roof, you should consider what the repair process could look like in the future. SPF roofs rarely necessitate being removed during most repairs, which cannot be said for other roofing systems. Due to SPF roofing systems unique adherence to the substrate, when damage occurs, they resist sideways movement of water, thus minimizing damages incurred. Once damage is found, the area is typically able to be refoamed without removal of the roof.

    Differing from other roofing systems, SPF’s can be applied over already existing materials on almost all flat or low slope roofs without a need for any tear-off, thus further extending the roof’s life. This makes repairs much simpler and quicker, while also reducing waste.

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